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Eliminates Spots and Streaks! First to market in the early 1990’s the FIRST PASS AUTO DRY BLADE revolutionized the car care industry. Better results with less effort are always achieved when using the FIRST PASS AUTO DRY BLADE. The FIRST PASS AUTO DRY BLADE allows you to dry your car or truck in half the time with twice the shine. Your vehicle can be primarily dry in 3 to 5 minutes. The squeegee action quickly and safely whisks water away from body panels, windshields and windows, eliminating spots and streaks. The result is a stunning shine with no chamois wringing or messy towel lint left behind. The FIRST PASS AUTO DRY BLADE is 12 inches long and provides an ergonomic handle that allows you to easily follow the contours of your vehicle. The squeegee blade is made from a soft but durable space age polymer that gently and silently (no chattering or squeaking) removes the water off the vehicle. Perfect in the summertime to avoid spotting and streaking action of the suns rays. Great in the fall and in cold climates keeping your hands dry, and making the job go faster while allowing you to be more comfortable. Order your FIRST PASS AUTO DRY BLADE today to see what we mean when we say “ Twice the Shine in Half the Time”.


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